Request for Books in Alternate Format

Student Responsibilities

I understand that the following are my responsibilities:

I will inform the Disability Resource Center of my planned schedule by completing a Request Form for Books in Alternate Format every semester. I am registered for or will register for (as soon as registration begins) the classes listed below. I understand that if I do not complete this form with DRC a minimum of ten weeks prior to the beginning of a semester, or if I make changes in my schedule, that there may be a delay in obtaining course materials.

If I am ordering books myself using my own account with Learning Ally (or through other means), I will notify DRC immediately if a book is not available so that DRC can assist me in obtaining it in an accessible format.

For books not available through Learning Ally, I will purchase the books and give them to DRC, or show proof that I have purchased the books, so that DRC can either produce or obtain an accessible format from the publisher.

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Format Preferences:

Term for which books are needed:



My Textbooks

You can add up to 5 books using this form. If you have more books that that, you will need to submit a separate request.

To find the books required/recommended for your course, go to the UALR Bookstore website and use the customized textbook list form.

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If you do not receive email confirmation within 48 hours that we’ve received your request, please contact our office at 501.569.3143 (v/tty).

Books in Alternate Format Agreement

I agree to purchase or rent the text. I also agree that I will not distribute or copy any of the electronic files. It is my responsibility to use this material for the intended class and for educational purposes only. I understand I must provide a receipt (or evidence of ownership or rental) to the DRC before electronic files are released to me.

In addition, I authorize DRC staff to charge my books to my Rehabilitation Authorization and/or to my financial aid so staff can begin to convert my books.

By submitting this form I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above.